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Someone who does not feel lacking and confident, will be able to make better decisions for himself and the people around him. This includes decisions for families and companies. This is because the decision is not based on fear, anger, etc.


In addition, did you know that with a healthy soul, your body has a greater ability to heal the disease in your body?

Science has proven that stress can decrease your body's ability to  creates antibodies, so you get sick easily and when you get sick, your body can't heal itself.


What about antibiotics?

Antibiotics can only help your body kill bacteria, but they cannot kill viruses. Viruses can only be killed through the body's own immune mechanism. If you have high stress levels, your body will concentrate on making the hormone cortisol, so there is not enough power to increase the production of white blood that can help kill viruses and treat disease.

How to increase your Well-Being or Sense of Well-Being?

  • By changing the way of thinking and recognizing and eliminating your paradigm . Devi organizes classes whose goal is to change your paradigm, whether it's about money, about work, romantic relationships, parent-child relationships and so on, so that you don't feel deprived, afraid of something unreasonable, etc.

  • With EnergyWorks .Devi offers several types of energy work to be studied  through Access Consciousness and Biotherapy, which are proven to relieve stress effectively.

Someone who has a high level of well-being, does not get sick easily and becomes a good decision maker, so that it can provide more benefits for the person himself, his family or the company.  

Bars run 1 (2).png
Bars run 1 (1).png
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Energy Work:

1. Access The Bars


Did you know that in your head there are 32 dots that store your experiences, beliefs? Can you imagine  your life if all the experiences and memories you have are bad experiences rather than happy ones.  

Access the Bars is a dynamic body process, which can help you to overcome self-limited help, stress and anxiety, related to the above point, or because of the judgments/judgments of others and yourself.   The Bars can give you a feeling of freedom and independence, so it will be easier for you to achieve your goals.


In addition, as your feelings of happiness increase, your body will find it easier to heal itself due to the lack of energy used to deal with trauma and drama.


Access Bars are also known to help in:

- relieve stress, depression or anxiety

- facing exams or interviews

- trouble sleeping

- improve intuition  

- reduce psychotic illness

- helps reduce addiction

Bars session duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

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2. Access Body Process

Did you know that every time you judge yourself or be judged by others, your body will lock that view in your body which can eventually make you sick?


Access Consciousness also has 40 different body processes that can help you let go of your body's judgments and overcome:

- baldness

- increase the body's immunity which can also be used to treat cancer,       repairing organ damage, etc.

-  Tighten your facial skin (Facelift) without surgery, injections and drugs.

Duration of each session: 1 -1.5  hours and for maximum results, some sessions should be repeated 5 - 20 times, depending on the needs of each person.

Learning and practicing the Access Consciousness Body Process will increase your perception of your own body and the bodies of others.

  3. Access Symphony Session


As a human, you are made up of body and soul. Access has found a way of communicating directly with your soul energetically, and empowering your soul so that you can live your life the way you want without being hindered by your mind (mind) which can cause   fear or doubt about your own abilities.  

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