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About Devi Novianti, SH, LLM. HR
DEI & Human Rights Advocate
Corporate Trainer
Motivational Speaker & Storyteller 
TEDx Speaker
Dream Builder Coach and Coach accredited by the International Coaching Federation 
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Devi, originally from West Sumatra, Indonesia. She moved to Hong Kong in 1955. In Hong Kong, Devi continued her education at the University of Hong Kong, majoring in Human Rights. Devi took this major because Devi believes that everyone has a lot of potential, and in order to thrive as a nation, we must rise together.


Devi started her career in Hong Kong at an NGO and has experience leading multinational teams. For Devi's dedication to working at the NGO, Devi received an award from the Hong Kong government in 2006 for her contribution to Hong Kong society. Devi has also been declared an Extraordinary Equality leader by Pathfinders and is a part of Women of Hope from THE LIST Magazine, HK.

As a corporate trainer and motivational speaker, Devi was invited to speak at the Common Purpose Leadership Training training, HR Magazine. Schroders,  Community Business, etc.

Devi works at a leading organization in Hong Kong that promotes equality of opportunity (equality) and non-discrimination. Devi also holds the position of Division Director of Toastmasters International in Hong Kong.

From the above work experience, Devi sees that it is not enough to tell someone about their rights, but something more profound is needed to change one's mindset to be more confident in developing one's potential.

With this awareness, Devi started her journey and strengthened her knowledge by learning different skills with the objective of empowering people. 

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