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We invest in luxuries, vacations, and pleasures that don't necessarily lead to happiness and success. But what makes the real difference is what we invest the least in – true understanding of ourselves, our ability to build and maintain healthy relationships, create and achieve life goals and express your talents. Investing in personal development can help you improve your career and life so you can gain the enlightenment, motivational confidence, and focus needed to direct your life in the direction you want.


Benefits of Coaching:

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Dig into your potential

  • Increase motivation in achieving your goals

  • Broaden your perception without judgment

  • Build confidence

  • You can find a way out of your problem without getting stigmatized.

Who can take advantage of this coaching service?


• Leader

• Professional

• Administrators and Managers

• Parent

• Student

• Educator

• Businessman

How long is the coaching  Devi session?

Devi provides coaching sessions for three months, meeting once every two weeks for 45 minutes. Apart from that, you also get a digital program where you can participate at a place and opportunity that suits your schedule.


If you are interested in knowing more, please book your free strategy session by clicking here.


Do you have doubts about your own abilities?
If you want to know more, please click here

Do you feel pressured in your family & work environment?

Nathan, Indonesia

“I want to change my life, but I feel very stuck and have a lot of limited beliefs. So I tried coaching sessions. This session made me realize where I should put my energy. I feel happier and lighter after the session.'

Tomaz, Slovenia

"I joined Devi's coaching sessions because I wanted to unleash my innate power and potential. I looked more objectively, and got the motivation, energy and passion to act after I finished the session." 

TS, Hong Kong

'I had a great, fantastic session! Devi helped me identify the crux of my problem, which left me feeling so stuck, with just a few questions. And I get a lot more clarity and ease with myself after the session.'
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